Day 8- November 17th

It is now day 8 and I have had a very lazy day today. I babysat after school and honestly just wasn’t really feeling the motivation like I usually do. Instead of feeling bad about wanting to lay in bed and take a nap I decided to forgive myself because I deserved it. I think it’s 100% OK to have lazy days and not do what you normally do. It’s hard to try and do my best every day all day. I noticed that even by having lazy days I can still work on virtues. Overall, I am feeling like this experiment has been changing me for the better. I haven’t been as anxious when I am alone while working on my independence, I have been forgiving myself easier and people around me, and many more that I will get into tomorrow and the day after that. I am feeling good today but also sort of bad that I didn’t do as much as I could’ve, but there is always tomorrow!

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