Conclusion/ Reflection

I chose my virtues based on what I knew was possible as well as what I knew I needed to work on. I decided that silence was easily my most needed virtue for me to work on. I think I can positively input what I have learned and focused on while working on this blog by continuing to work on these virtues in everyday life. I would like to use my virtues not only to better my life but the people around me. I think the virtue I struggled with the most had to be “order”. Originally I wanted to show my order by keeping a schedule, but I either struggled to make a schedule or follow this schedule. I think the virtue I am most proud about has to be “silence”. If you read my blogs I comment on silence multiple times. It wasn’t necessarily the easiest to work on just because of my personality, but that is why I believe I am so proud about it. I could have wrote about silence for hours, and the examples were endless. I hope I can continue to implement silence in my life going forward. While working on this project I didn’t truly have a plan to implement the virtues everyday. If I would have a had a true plan on how to work on the virtues I believe I would have benefitted much more. I think a way to benefit off this project is by spreading the idea of the virtues. If one person a day works on virtues the world will become a much better place.

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