Day One

Tuesday, November 9th, 2021

Overall, day one was an alright start to this virtue tracking. For this blog, I will focus on my strongest and weakest virtues.

First off, on the positives, my strongest virtue of the day was temperance, giving myself an 8/10. I created an SAT preparation schedule for a testing date in December. Depending on how well I do on following this plan may affect its rating, but for now, I am optimistic. On the other hand, my weakest virtue was cleanliness, rating myself a 4/10, as I did my homework at a messy desk space that often led to distractions, so cleaning that area would be necessary to improve both cleanliness, but also industry. I will make it my goal for tomorrow to declutter my working desk in order to improve cleanliness.

For the additional virtues, industry was a 6/10, and tranquility was a 5/10. Lastly, my productive downtime was a 5/10 since I scrolled mindlessly on my phone for longer than needed, but was able to make an octopus from seed beads by following a tutorial during my downtime.

3 thoughts on “Day One”

  1. Cleanliness is so hard to keep up! Don’t worry, you have time to tidy things up a bit. I’m so glad you’re happy about your temperance! That is so great. Keep up the hard work!

  2. Creating an SAT preparation schedule is no joke and requires a lot of work and dedication so I respect your efforts towards it. When it comes to cleanliness I recommend that during the time you do homework at your desk you should take 5-10 minute breaks every once in awhile and clean a small part of your desk whether it is taking dirty cups or bowls down to the sink or stacking papers up it will keep you in the productive zone while helping relax you as well. It works for me sometimes so maybe it will work for you. Also you should put your octopus made from seed beads on your next blog post or this one.

  3. I relate to trying to schedule for SAT (I’m taking the ACT) studying. It’s so tough trying to study and stay on top of your schoolwork, and life outside of school too. I think starting off with an 8/10 sounds pretty good though! I hope you can stick to your schedule!

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