Day: 2

Today my main focus was Tranquility. I focused on the present instead of the future and it allowed me to remain tranquil. I would rate this method a 7/10 because it is still possible to look forward into the future and give yourself anxiety. For my other virtues, My Order is still at a 10/10, Sincerity is a 8/10, Humility is a 9/10, and Frugality is a 10/10. Tomorrow my main goal is gonna be Sincerity. I want to make sure I spend some time with my family because I don’t have anything going on.

2 thoughts on “Day: 2”

  1. I’m glad that your day went so well, Ike! It seems like you’re aware of your main triggers when it comes to anxiety, and as well you’re acknowledging the importance of family time- especially when there’s nothing else to do with that time. Just remember that avoidance of anxiety isn’t always the best method, as it can sometimes fester when you treat it that well! Irregardless, I wish you luck with your family tomorrow!

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