Day one

so i kinda forgot about sticking to my things today and i regretted it.

Main focus of the day was order and i feel like i did really well in that. My day was pretty full of things to do and I didn’t have much time to think. I scheduled my day so i got in 3 full meals, and was in bed done with all of the things I needed to get done by 10 so in my opinion I feel like I really hit the mark.

Cleanliness: I did well today, i kept trash out of my car and made my bed in the morning, which seems small but it made me feel better about life.

Resolution: i was on time to everything i had today and i even made a phone call that i normally would have put off until last minute. I did everything i said i was going to do

Tranquility: i felt ok about this one, i didn’t let the fact that i had a lot to do get into my head and stayed up beat and on track as the day came and went, i will say nothing out of the ordinary happened so this one wasn’t quite the challenge it may be other days

Human: I casually set a boundary at work with times that i can work and times that i can’t, i didn’t even realize that i had done it until after i did it and thats kind of my goal. This was a really big step for me.

Joey Trease

Author: Joey Trease

My goal with this project is to work on -order -resolution -cleanliness -tranquility -existing exactly as i am

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