Day 3

Tranquillity 2/5

After reading comments, as well as other people’s techniques for the virtue of tranquillity, I’ve decided to try meditation tonight. I will be sure to update on how that goes and how I do it specifically. As for today, I didn’t do horribly in terms of tranquillity, but this doesn’t have a lot to do with the habits I am trying to develop. I feel like my tranquillity is basically the same as it was before I started focusing on it. It’s hard to recognize when one is falling into negative patterns of thought and even harder to actually move on to positive thoughts. Hopefully, meditation will help me improve in this regard. 

Industry 4/5

I had another day where I felt very on top of things and productive. I’ve had a lot going on today (ran freelancer meeting after school) so there hasn’t been an opportunity to get super distracted, but with the free time I’ve had, I’ve been pretty good about getting things done and focusing on school. 

Physical Health 1/5

To be totally honest, today was a bad day for my health. I felt sick at lunch so I didn’t really eat anything and I haven’t gotten any kind of physical activity either. I’ve felt kind of gross all day and will probably lie down after writing this. 

Cleanliness 2/5

I haven’t had time to clean my room fully yet, but I’m trying to be generally clean and not make things messier. I was successful at this today, but to be fair, I haven’t been home all day so I haven’t had the opportunity to make a mess. 

Creative Productivity 2/5

I’ve made plans to work on my Frequent Friday this weekend, so I will be sure to update on how that goes and if I am successful. Other than that, I didn’t write anything new or work on much creatively. 

Delaney McDermed

Author: Delaney McDermed

Tranquillity, Industry, Cleanliness, Creative Productivity, and Physical Health

3 thoughts on “Day 3”

  1. I hope you feel better soon! I don’t think physical activity is the greatest idea when on a low amount of food, as you don’t want to be hypoglycemic, but make sure you get something small and manageable in your system if possible!

    And I know tranquility is hard; recognizing your negative thought patterns is a practice that takes time, and realigning to a more self-neutral/positive outlook takes even more time. Just remember that such a journey is not linear, and if you’re already acknowledging that you want to work more in this area then that’s great enough progress. 🙂

  2. I love the idea of meditation, though I tried self motivation and manifestation, I think you will see a substantial difference when you meditate. I have also tried yoga which is similar to help me stay tranquil. I hope the meditation works for you, I may start meditating as well! I hope you feel better, and have a fantastic day tomorrow!-Avery Kim 🙂

  3. I am very impressed with your rating system and dedication to each virtue every day. I also sometimes have days where even walking up the main staircase seems too much of a task, but health is something constantly changing and I hope it gets better. Also, thank you for supporting the Freelancer I think it’s a great outlet for many students at East!

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