Day #3 – 11/10/21

Overall, I have relatively mixed opinions about this day. In regards to Sincerity, I think I somewhat failed, as within one of my classes I did not speak up about my discomfort with something (though, I did listen to music and that calmed me down, so that was quite nice). However, I still did what I wished to do in the day, and decided to join for a round of Ping Pong club even though ping pong is not my strong suit. I think my Awareness was stronger than yesterday, as I barely picked at my skin and stopped myself once I started. Furthermore, I kept myself in the present moment during difficult-to-focus in classes. Overall, I think my strongest part was actually Enjoyment, as I participated in many activities I joined, and even whipped out my cello to have some fun by playing Enter Sandman by Metallica. It’s the best I’ve felt in a while. Sadly, with this my Regulation was not great, and I not only used my phone in bed but stayed up later than I would normally encourage myself to. (Plus, I scheduled two events at the same time! Not my strongest moment)

Sleep Log
8:17-8:33 – In Bed
8:45 – Pajamas
9:30 – Water
10:05 – 10:20 – Cello Practicing
11:09 – In Bed, Lights Out
11:24 – Phone Off

11:41 – 7:11 AM Sleep, 7:30 Hours, 77 Sleep Score, One Notable Wake-Up (5:16-5:24)

Tomorrow, I’ll focus on being more Regulated while trying to keep the pattern of increased Enjoyment and Awareness up. As well, with Sincerity I hope to keep my mental awareness there, but be further cognizant of my boundaries, violations of such, and then communicating that to who is necessary.

Alyssa Alvey

Author: Alyssa Alvey

Working towards achieving moral betterment in sincerity, regulation, resolution, awareness, and enjoyment.

3 thoughts on “Day #3 – 11/10/21”

  1. I love the focus on sleep scheduling, I think that is a great thing to incorporate into you virtues! I may considered doing that as well. I think it is great that you seemed more aware today! I hope you have better thoughts about how your day goes tomorrow. Have a fantastic night and I hope you get a well nights rest!-Avery Kim

  2. That’s awesome that you joined ping pong club! That is so fun. I am glad you felt like your awareness was better today. It is definitely hard to stay focused during long, difficult classes. The sleep log is such a great idea and it is super cool that you included that as a part of your virtues. I hope you get a lot of sleep and that tomorrow you have a great day!

  3. I really like the sleep log idea and how carefully everything is written. You can tell that a lot of attention is being paid to this project throughout the day, and the end result is turning out well. I hope you do well with sleep and boundaries on future days!

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