Nov 11 Day 3


moderation- C

frugality- A

accountability- D

self-discipline- B

cleanliness- B

Day three wasn’t as successful as the first two. I really procrastinated on my homework and didn’t finish my homework until around 11. It was also the first day when I cracked and ate some of my little brother’s Halloween candy. Although I still made it to the gym, the actual workout wasn’t as good as previous days. I didn’t have a chance to spend money today so at least I was good there. I had an off day today but I hope to learn and improve from this day. 

One thought on “Nov 11 Day 3”

  1. I’m sorry to hear that your day didn’t go as well as you wanted! Procrastination is hard habit to break among others, and I hope you’ll be able to maybe prioritize a bit more tomorrow (but at least you got it done!). Just remember that it’s okay to eat a bit of candy or “junk” food as long as it’s in moderation, (it’s made for enjoyment, after all). I’m glad that you’re willing to improve though- that’s one of the most important things!

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