Nicholas Karr – Day 5

Industry: 5
Order: 1
Flexibility: 4
Resolution: 4
Tranquility: 1

I’m still a bit unwell today. I did not have motivation to do very much difficult work. However, I did work diligently on a hobby of mine for the entire day that entailed setting up old software. It was a very different and interesting sort of work. As I completed it, that gives me a good amount of resolution. I am still rating myself poorly on order because I was unable to do any school work. That will be important tomorrow when the deadlines are closer. I was not very tranquil at all because I spent 13 hours excitedly focusing on one topic continuously. Finally, my rating in flexibility comes from having to drive my parents around without complaining. It is usually difficult for me to do so because we always drive places to retrieve free puzzles and shirts. Overall, I am optimistic for the coming day and glad to have done well in this one.

Nicholas Karr

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3 thoughts on “Nicholas Karr – Day 5”

  1. I’m glad you were able to focus on your hobby! Though you didn’t do much work, working on the things we truly enjoy is still incredibly important, and it’s good to give yourself credit for how important your happiness is (personally, I’d argue that your tranquility was fine, as the absence of tranquility is more so anxiety in excess rather than excitement, but to each their own!) I hope you’re able to complete your homework tomorrow, and I hope you’re feeling better as well!

  2. It sucks that you still feel sick but hopefully it is getting better. I am also struggling with order and it is harder than I thought it would be. It is good to see that you finished your software that you had not finished a good sign of you improving your resolution virtue.

  3. It sucks that you’re sick, but good job with getting some rest. Being really productive is always nice, but getting some rest when you feel bad is also very important. Also as long as you have another day to do work, having some time to do hobbies is nice. Good luck with your virtues!

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