Day 3

I was doing well and kicking arse, taking names, being productive and sticking to my goals and then something i wasn’t expecting happened. I got dumped, which is certainly not. The worst thing that could have happened but i’m kinda in a bit of a shock. I haven’t been in a relationship for too long, only a couple of weeks and I kinda just sat and processed for the rest of the day.

cleanliness: I didn’t do as well at this as i had hoped that i would, i made hot chocolate and left the mug on my desk, and only had it in me to brush my teeth

order: my thoughts are scattered, i’m not feeling very ordered right now because some of my order was taken away and now i’m just kinda lost, maybe that’s not good but it how i am right now i give myself a C+

tranquility: given that i was just dumped i’m remaining calm and relitively good in my being i guess i’m going to really need to focus on this one the next couple of days. I give myself a B+

resolution: well i wasn’t late to anything and i took all of my vitamins. lost in what i should do, i don’t know what there is to do i give myself a B

human: well i wanted to ask more questions of people today, and to be upset but i was really anxious and felt like everyone was staring at me and felt like i couldn’t be a person comfortably. I didn’t focus on positive self-talk and I let my decisions regarding my wellbeing and contentment be defined by what I thought others wanted. I didn’t do great here. But thats ok, i don’t think i want to grade this one today

Joey Trease

Author: Joey Trease

My goal with this project is to work on -order -resolution -cleanliness -tranquility -existing exactly as i am

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