Day 4

So today was a very high anxiety day with a lot to get done.

resolution: This was the goal that I really tried to focus on because I had my ear piercing appointment today. I have issues with needles, things like getting my blood drawn and getting shots scare me so much. Both of my covid shots took like 15 minutes each its a problem. I had my ear piercing appointment and I told myself and my mother that I wasn’t going to freak out this time, I was going to take a few deep breaths and it would be ok and it was. I have never done so well in a situation that I was getting poked in and I remained calm and I thought of this goal while I was getting my ears pierced. It really helped me and kept me on track. I felt so happy and strong.

tranquility: I will say i got done what i needed to get done but i was high stress the entire time. I was snappish and stressed and constantly felt like the day was running so much faster than I was. I didn’t stop to process or think about things as they were happening and was so focused on getting to my next destination and overall was not very peaceful in myself. i give myself a C

cleanliness: i fell asleep in my jeans and a mediocre at best toothbrush job, i kinda just wanted to sleep so cleanliness was not my strong suite today and that’s ok it happens and honestly it was not the most important thing going on today so yay give myself a D

order: i kept alright order, honestly i could have done more prep on day 3 making sure that my day was more ordered and making sure that everything was in place and all of my plans were solid and good but day 3 just wasn’t the day to do that and to a certain extent i think i kept an alright orderly day given life. i give myself a c

i think i’m going to call this officaly setting boundaries and keeping my own peace: i did alright with this today, not as well as i had hoped to do but i didn’t particularly struggle with it today, i communicated what i needed to communicate an the only person disrupting my peace was myself and i didn’t have time to disrupt my own peace. 

Joey Trease

Author: Joey Trease

My goal with this project is to work on -order -resolution -cleanliness -tranquility -existing exactly as i am

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