day 5

I really focused on cleaning today and keepign order in my life and creating a good space for myself and those around me. That seems to be really important as it is an important aspect of my goals. Today was just an overall ok day, nothing out of the ordinary happened. I give myself a B+ average, today wasn’t a. particularly difficult day.

Cleaning: I shot through all of my weekend cleaning to do list which is exactly what i need to do and i kept myself clean which was very good of me, most of the thing i did was just surface level cleaning but doing a deeper clean of everything is something i need to get around to. I think i may make a goal for the rest of the week to

-clean out my closet

-deep clean of everything in the bathroom

-go through my clothes and books and wipe down the entire shelf

-clean under my bed

i’ll make note of how i do with this over the next week

tranquility: i was calm in my being and myself, i won’t lie though i’m starting to internally panic a bit, i’m having some regrets and i’m analyzing the living being out of them. i did a lot to try to keep myself calm including going on walks and stuff and i kept a grip on my thought process

order: I had a calming order to my day, doing what i need to do and not stressing about it is the type of order i would like every single day. I really liked how this day felt and i felt like everything had a place and it felt very calming if i’m being honest

resolution: I did what I said I was going to do today and was kind to myself. The day didn’t require a lot of resolution but i feel ok with this one

boundaries and keeping my peace: i didn’t really see people so how other people affected my peace didn’t completely affect me today, this wasn’t something i had to focus too hard on 

Joey Trease

Author: Joey Trease

My goal with this project is to work on -order -resolution -cleanliness -tranquility -existing exactly as i am

2 thoughts on “day 5”

  1. I am glad that you were able to focus on cleaning, because keeping a clean room is something I struggle with, and when you do have a clean room it is really nice. I hope you are able to find better tranquility throughout the week, but I am glad to hear about the order you had. I know that some of the virtues can be hard to work on during the weekend, but it is great that you could work on so many.

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