Day 10

I had a great day today! I woke up energized, which is always a great start to my day. I was ready to go to school for my odd period day. I thought about focusing on forgiveness today. I felt like I had not been doing my best with my health virtue, because I was not eating very healthy the days previously, but I decided that it was okay to forgive myself and to not let that ruin my mindset or anything else. I found it was very helpful to do this, because it let me not feel guilty, and focus on other things throughout the day. I would say today was an 8/10!

One thought on “Day 10”

  1. I love your approach to health here! Though avoiding certain foods is always admirable in a sense, it’s also just as admirable to acknowledge that making mistakes in such does not define your merit as an individual. It’s something I know I’ve had to work a lot towards, and I hope you can keep that self-kindness with yourself. Enjoy the rest of your day!

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