November 11, 2021

Day 3

  • Tranquility: 1: I did not keep up with my journal today. I am hoping to get back on track when I have more time this weekend.
  • Silence: 5: Today we had late start. Since I had a little bit of extra time today, I was able to take some time to myself this morning. It was nice to wake up and not be in a rush. It also allowed me to have a better mindset for the rest of the day.
  • Moderation: 3: I did a relatively okay job with moderation today. I went to school, and to workout after school, but later I was able to find time to watch a show with my mom. I think it helped me to be more productive with my homework later.
  • Patience: 2: I don’t think I did a great job with patience today. I was wanting to get all of my work done quickly, and I think I applied my productiveness to people. If they were taking to long to answer, then I would sometimes answer for them, or talk over them. I’m hoping to really improve this virtue.
  • Contentment: 1: I did not journal today. I am hoping to catch back up on my journaling this weekend.

Kate Beaulieu-Day 3

Today was so nice being able to sleep in and take advantage of late start. I always feel like having late start makes my Thursday’s so much better just because I’m moving at a slower pace. Overall, I did pretty well with practicing all my virtues, I didn’t have trouble with any of them today. The one I was mainly focusing on was moderation. I was practicing moderation by putting myself on a strict schedule with technology, specifically with my phone. I feel like I’m constantly on my phone, scrolling through social media, while I could be knocking out some homework. I start to feel guilty after watching Tik Tok’s for hours on end, and it’s not like I get anything out of being on social media. So, I have started setting alarms with about three minute intervals to force myself to get off my phone. These alarms are set at night because this is when I want to get my homework done so I’m not working all night. I intentionally didn’t set my alarms right after school, because I make time for myself to rest for about an hour or so, and unfortunately, being on my phone can be somewhat relaxing. On the good side, the alarms successfully worked, and I got all of my homework done before 9pm :)))

Day 3

Today was not as successful as I had hoped for. When it comes to cleanliness, I started of well eating healthy, then I ate a taquito and a kit kat. I was not satisfied with the way I had handled my cravings and I hope I will do better tomorrow. I worked on acceptance, and told myself today was a minor slip up. I will continue to work on healthy habits, and I will continue to tell myself it IS OKAY to have a slip up every now and then. It takes time to break old habits, and start new ones. Overall Cleanliness gets a C-, and acceptance gets an A-. This week as I have been trying to work on my stress, I treated myself to a nail appointment. I worked on Liberality. I decided to loosen up and have a relaxed night, by hanging out with friends and worrying about homework after dinner. I feel that if I set a goal for when I should get my homework done, I am avoiding my procrastination habit, but allowing myself to have fun right after school. I hope my day is better overall tomorrow. After all it is Friday! Goodnight, I hope you all have an exceptional day tomorrow!

Rafaela Grieco-Freeman: Day 3

Thursday, November 11th, 2021

I had a pretty good day today, even though it was a little slow in the middle it picked back up and I was able to enjoy my late start as well as my evening. As for today, I believed that my virtues also improved slightly from yesterday, which is great too. To start off, there were no conflicts that were notable today, so once again my tranquility has no score for today. As for my strong suit of the day, I would put it at my productive downtime virtue, ranking it a 7/10. I completed the New York Times mini crossword (and even tied my father for time which is exciting, since he usually blows me out of the water on those) and even attempted the actual crossword, though not especially successful. I also planned and ordered a chocolate mold as I plan on making those hot chocolate “bombs” over the weekend, which hopefully goes well. As for my other virtues, I would rank industry a 6/10, as I got all my homework done enough so that I have extra time for myself. My cleanliness is also at a 6/10 since I was able to keep my workspace clean and distraction-free from yesterday. Finally, I would rate my temperance a 5/10 as I continued to stick to my SAT schedule. Overall, I feel good improvements from yesterday and I hope this continues moving forward.

Good night!

Day #3 – 11/10/21

Overall, I have relatively mixed opinions about this day. In regards to Sincerity, I think I somewhat failed, as within one of my classes I did not speak up about my discomfort with something (though, I did listen to music and that calmed me down, so that was quite nice). However, I still did what I wished to do in the day, and decided to join for a round of Ping Pong club even though ping pong is not my strong suit. I think my Awareness was stronger than yesterday, as I barely picked at my skin and stopped myself once I started. Furthermore, I kept myself in the present moment during difficult-to-focus in classes. Overall, I think my strongest part was actually Enjoyment, as I participated in many activities I joined, and even whipped out my cello to have some fun by playing Enter Sandman by Metallica. It’s the best I’ve felt in a while. Sadly, with this my Regulation was not great, and I not only used my phone in bed but stayed up later than I would normally encourage myself to. (Plus, I scheduled two events at the same time! Not my strongest moment)

Sleep Log
8:17-8:33 – In Bed
8:45 – Pajamas
9:30 – Water
10:05 – 10:20 – Cello Practicing
11:09 – In Bed, Lights Out
11:24 – Phone Off

11:41 – 7:11 AM Sleep, 7:30 Hours, 77 Sleep Score, One Notable Wake-Up (5:16-5:24)

Tomorrow, I’ll focus on being more Regulated while trying to keep the pattern of increased Enjoyment and Awareness up. As well, with Sincerity I hope to keep my mental awareness there, but be further cognizant of my boundaries, violations of such, and then communicating that to who is necessary.

Day 3

Tranquillity 2/5

After reading comments, as well as other people’s techniques for the virtue of tranquillity, I’ve decided to try meditation tonight. I will be sure to update on how that goes and how I do it specifically. As for today, I didn’t do horribly in terms of tranquillity, but this doesn’t have a lot to do with the habits I am trying to develop. I feel like my tranquillity is basically the same as it was before I started focusing on it. It’s hard to recognize when one is falling into negative patterns of thought and even harder to actually move on to positive thoughts. Hopefully, meditation will help me improve in this regard. 

Industry 4/5

I had another day where I felt very on top of things and productive. I’ve had a lot going on today (ran freelancer meeting after school) so there hasn’t been an opportunity to get super distracted, but with the free time I’ve had, I’ve been pretty good about getting things done and focusing on school. 

Physical Health 1/5

To be totally honest, today was a bad day for my health. I felt sick at lunch so I didn’t really eat anything and I haven’t gotten any kind of physical activity either. I’ve felt kind of gross all day and will probably lie down after writing this. 

Cleanliness 2/5

I haven’t had time to clean my room fully yet, but I’m trying to be generally clean and not make things messier. I was successful at this today, but to be fair, I haven’t been home all day so I haven’t had the opportunity to make a mess. 

Creative Productivity 2/5

I’ve made plans to work on my Frequent Friday this weekend, so I will be sure to update on how that goes and if I am successful. Other than that, I didn’t write anything new or work on much creatively. 

Shoot for the moon, land somewhere other than where i am right now

This is kind of a scary project for me, improving myself is something i seem to always thinking about to the point of slight obsession. I’ve talked to therapists, friends, and family members about how I can improve my being and analyzed and re-analyzed and picked apart almost every choice I have made. I panic over imperfections, i’ve asked every single person you can think of what i can do better and how i can be better and in doing so i have sacrificed many parts of myself and annoyed the living daylights out of every one of my friends. Homework is pushed to the side so I can spend hours every single night talking to myself through every choice I’ve made and every thought I’ve thought and how I can fix what often isn’t broken. A goal that I have with this project and something that I admire about Benjamin Franklin’s project and I think is a part of the success that Benjamin franklin was able to achieve was that there is an end. There is a point where you stop analyzing and you make yourself live in your new moral world and I think that having a plan and not changing it is an important aspect of this project for me. The aspects of morality that I plan on working on are cleanliness, organization, resolution, tranquility, and being comfortable being human.

I tend to try to be a clean person, depending on your definition of clean, but there have been times where stale cups of coffee will pile up on my desk for a few days, I leave trash in my car, or forget to wash my face and brush my teeth before bed. I will put cleaning at the top of my priority list, to keep myself clean in my being, and my space in a picked up clean condition. I want to work on organization in my day, going to bed at a set time, having set space and time for meals which is something i have struggled with in the past, and having set time and space to respond to people. I want to work on resolution, doing the things that i say i am going to do. I have a tendency to be flaky and iffy with time, being late and not showing things when I say I will, or not responding when I get the chance. I know it’s rude and that’s why it’s being worked on. I have issues keeping a level head when issues come my way, I obsess over things, making sure I don’t let my own thoughts get in the way of my peace no matter what is going on is going to be an important part of me reaching moral ok-ness. And the last one is a bit less straightforward and I want to spend the next week defining what I mean by allowing myself to be a person without trying to think too much of how others are perceiving while I do that. I want to keep myself from doing things because I think it’s what others expect of me. And with that i don’t have to be perfect in this project, i will make mistakes and my goal isn’t moral perfection it’s something better than what i’m doing right now.

Day #3: November 11, 2021

Overall, day three was pretty successful. I woke up earlier on my own this morning and took it as a lot of productive downtime which was one of my main goals at the beginning of this process. I got to make my bed, put away laundry, and make an actual good breakfast for the first time in the awhile which was super relaxing and just started my day off good. That for sure played into order and cleanliness. Balance today is a little bit of struggle with my schedule, but I am trying to find time for that and do homework right after school. Overall I think I had a good day for virtues and already feel like I am improving.

Day 2

Today was a great day! I really focused on sincerity, and making sure I did everything with a purpose. Today I sold ads in marketing and I made a lot of deep connections with people throughout the community. I went to a yoga class, and the instructor made a point of taking time out of your 24 hour day and spending just the 45 minutes of class time focusing on yourself. I really liked this because it made me think about all of the people I encounter throughout the day, all of the things I do, all of the smallest connections I made but that even within the midst of it all, I can still take time for myself.

Brady’s Blog

Introduction: I am making this blog for a number of reasons. These daily entries will hold me accountable. I want to have something to write about every day that I am proud of and getting in the habit of focusing on these virtues will naturally help me to improve myself. Reading the comments of encouragement and reflecting on what I have done will motivate me to continue these strategies past the due date for this assignment. I know about Benjamin Franklin’s work as a founding father and inventor but very little about his virtues and who he really was as a person.

My virtues include humility, sincerity, moderation, friendliness, and ambition. For humility I need to remember to take a step back and not get too high on myself. . Sincerity is an important one for me. I am a bit of a “people pleaser” and tend to make promises I can’t always fulfill to make people happy. I need to be honest with myself and with other people. Moderation is one that I struggle with a bit. I need to get away from the extremes and take things a little slower in general. Friendliness is a virtue that everyone can work on. Being friendly to people makes everyone’s life better, and it’s not really that hard to ask. Perhaps my most important one is the ability to be ambitious. I need to hold myself to a higher standard and not just be content with being mediocre or doing the bare minimum because I know I can be more than that. Strategically, I put reminders in my phone at 7:40 and 4:00 everyday so I am thinking about these virtues throughout the day.

My hopes for this project is that these continue to be things I work on and improve on. Not just a school blog, but something that I can truly make the most of. I predict sincerity and ambition to be the most difficult. They’re both easier said than done and come with different mental obstacles. Humility, moderation, and friendliness are not easy virtues to follow by any means but I feel that these are more manageable as far as being in situations where I can think about these virtues and accomplish them. Expecting perfection from yourself is absurd but just thinking about values that are important to you and making an effort to better yourself will be beneficial for everyone. I can’t wait to see the improvements that my peers and I will make.

Entry 1: Today was the first day of my journey to moral perfection. I decided to focus on friendliness. It was also a school day so I had plenty of opportunities to make the day a success. I am not a rude person by any means but I could definitely make more of an effort to be nice to some people and just let them know I appreciate them and enjoy being with them. I am especially quiet in the mornings. I usually don’t talk to anyone until things have gotten started a bit and I have fully woken up. Today I showed up and greeted my table mates in science for the first hour and tried my best to be friendly in all my interactions with people throughout the days in the halls and classrooms. I also had to make sure it didn’t feel fake because that would be completely counterproductive.  This didn’t require a great deal of effort but it brightened my day a little bit and hopefully improved the people I interacted with days as well. This was a good virtue to start off with as a success and get the ball rolling for the blog.

Entry 2: I wasn’t sure how I was going to execute the sincerity virtue but it came naturally. I’d like to say I was just doing this for the blog but that just wouldn’t be true. In my 6th hour math class, I was completely lost and I think Mr. Burrows could tell because I didn’t have much of the homework done. He came over and asked if I had any questions. Generally, I just act like I know what’s going on and pretend to snap out of it and get to work. I expressed my struggle and he walked through one of the problems with me to figure out where I am getting stuck. Being honest with him got some things cleared up mathematically and also instilled some confidence in me to just be honest with people when I don’t understand something. It doesn’t help anyone to lie and just be stuck confused.

Entry 3: Moderation is a key to good mental health but tends to get overlooked. Living life in extremes is very stressful. I had a lot of things I needed to get done and was anxious throughout the school day. When I got home I got right into my homework and was very productive for about a couple hours. My work rate hit a brick wall shortly after and I was a little fatigued, getting nothing done. I had to accept that I needed a break from schoolwork and my macbook. I decided to take my dog on a walk to moderate my workload, which he appreciated very much. When we returned from our walk my mind had cleared up and I was ready to finish what I started. 

Entry 4: Today wasn’t my best day. I planned to focus on ambition but I know I could’ve been better. I was on task in class for the most part and went through moments where I was motivated to work hard but I also didn’t finish an assignment in US History that I had time to do in class because I was talking and on my phone. It’s not the end of the world but I want to break these lazy habits and settling for being good “for the most part” doesn’t show any form of ambition. While writing this entry I realized that this is a moment of humility for me. I wasn’t going to just go ride the highs of the last few days and after a week become this morally faultless person. Sometimes you need to be humbled to use as motivation and learn from.

Entry 5: Still not happy about how yesterday went I was hungry to get back on track. It’s Saturday and I was in an ambitious mood. I had homework to do and some errands to run for my mom. Knowing I wouldn’t want to do anything tomorrow with NFL football on and definitely not later when the Chiefs are playing I got all my homework done and took care of the errands my mom wanted me to do around 2. It felt great to enjoy the rest of the weekend with no responsibilities and to get back my journey to moral perfection back on track.

Entry 6: Friendliness best defines my Sunday. I completely forgot we were having a family gathering today at my grandma’s house and was not in the best mood. Obviously nothing personal against anyone there but it was not my ideal way to spend my Sunday. I tried my best to go in there with a good attitude and be friendly to everyone. It started off as an act trying to accomplish friendliness for the day but I found myself fully engaged and genuinely interested in the conversations. My extra friendliness took away all the awkwardness from conversations and made the event much more enjoyable.

  • Entry 7: I spent a large amount of my time this weekend relaxing and watching TV. It’s time for the other side of moderation as I have had no problems with overworking myself the last couple days. It was a Monday, so I visited all of my classes. Motivated to make up for my lazy weekend, I got my homework done in class in US History and Forensic Science. Most importantly, I finished my Graphic Design project. Graphic Design is a class that too often becomes “phone time” for me. Today, I used the whole class period and submitted my design a day before it’s due. I wanted to choose virtues that better myself and encourage me to get some goals accomplished. Today was a perfect example of both.

    Entry 8: Today takes the cake for my worst day. I’m trying to give myself credit for something but I just can’t do it. I took my first loss early when I underperformed on my math mastery quiz. This put me in a bad mood for the rest of the day, eliminating any ambition I had and my chances of being friendly. The final blow came a few hours later when I saw my friend that I had just beaten in fantasy football. I talked all the trash I could get out before he reminded me he still had a player playing in the Monday night game. So of course Deebo Samuel had 5 receptions for 97 yards and a touchdown, beating my team and teaching me a hard lesson about humility. Fortunately, I still have two more days of this blog to end on a high note.

    Entry 9: Today was dedicated to humility. When I came home from school I asked my mom how her day was. She responded “pretty good”, but that wasn’t enough for me today. I sat down and we had a conversation where I just listened, barely speaking. I didn’t interject with any nonsense and learned a little more about what she does daily and her thoughts on some things. It was nice and I think it meant a lot to her to know that I care. This is the bare minimum I can do and definitely something that I need to do more often.

    Entry 10: I thought about accomplishing all of the virtues today for the finale but that would defeat the whole purpose of this project. My goal isn’t to just have a great 10 days. I want to improve for the better long term and continue to grow. I had dedicated two days to each virtue except sincerity. My sister had really been wanting to watch the movie “Pursuit of Happyness” lately and I promised her I would watch it with her. Today was the perfect day to watch it and fulfill my promise. I loved the movie too, although it was much more emotional than I anticipated. This marks the end of my blog, but my journey to moral perfection is just gettin started.

    Conclusion: My prioritization process was to accomplish the virtues I was most confident in early and find myself in a habit of improving each day. Once the ball got rolling and I had found some success, I tackled the virtues I believed had the most room for improvement. These virtues were chosen with the mindset of bettering myself and progressing in skills that I believe are pertinent to a successful life. Moderation was the most important virtue for me because it is the key to accomplishing my other virtues and goals in general. Learning about myself throughout this assignment will allow me to offer advice that I have accumulated to my family and other people in the future.

    The virtue I struggled with the most is ambition. I knew going into this that it would be the most challenging for me but also the most important. That’s why I chose to work on it, I truly want to break the lazy habits that have been holding me back. Ambition is so reliant on mentality, and finding motivation is not something that is easy for me. Initially, it was the fact that this was worth a grade that motivated me but seeing some of the benefits already has encouraged me to continue working on ambition. Being ambitious day in and day out was difficult and will continue to be, as it is for everyone, but If I could keep improving little by little I will be so much better off. The only way to master something like this is to just keep developing and see the positive changes being made.

    The virtue I made the most progress in was sincerity. Being honest with everyone as well as being honest with myself is very important. It saves a lot of stress if you are truthful and realistic with your ability to do things. This is important to me because I struggle with saying no to people, I want to be able to help everyone out and that’s not always possible. I am far from mastering this but have made significant improvements in this skill over the last 10 days.

    Overall, I’m very satisfied with the improvements that I have made. I am most proud of my progress made in sincerity, moderation, and humility. I had my moments of success with friendliness and ambition too. The combination of sincerity and ambition made for one of the best weeks of school I have had in a long time in terms of being on task and productivity. I did not reach moral perfection in these 10 days but in my attempt to achieve this impossible goal I improved in many aspects and learned more about myself along the way. This is the end of the blog, but not the journey. I will keep all the reminders in my phone, continue to reference this blog and better myself.

Miles Crosser Blog

In my Blog, I really want to improve aspects of my life. I think it’s time to start focusing on more of myself and really take these virtues seriously. The relationship between Ben Franklin and me is similar and different at the same time. We both work extremely hard at the thing they are passionate about. The difference between us is that he is a genius and I’m just your average student. 

My virtues I have decided to pick are tranquility, silence, order, dedication, engagement. I have chosen these virtues because they are what I lack in life and I think could really improve my life for the better. I’m going to write a reminder on my phone so every time I pick it up, I see what my virtues are. My most important virtue I want to improve is dedication. If I dedicate myself to these virtues and other aspects of my life, I will be a better overall person.

My hope for this project is that I improve. I don’t need to be perfect at all, I just want to be better than I am right now. My prediction for this is that I’m super focused and that I dedicate myself to these virtues. If I ever find myself being lazy about these virtues I will just look at the work dedication and remember that is what i’m working. I think i’m going to really improve my life for the better. 

Entry 1: Today I decided to focus on tranquility. I am normally a very hyper person and If I am more calm then I wont be as tired at end of day. Whenever I get home from school Im just dead tired because Im always moving and talking. Today instead of being hyper during lunch I decided to be quiet and just have light conversations with people. When I got home I still had a ton of energy and overall felt better about myself. I had soccer practice and i felt like a different player. I was doing the extra work and my coach noticed it and said good job

Day Two

Today I worked on Patience and staying in the moment. I was invited to an awards event for tennis where I received two awards. The first one I got with Greta, which was for exceptional sportsmanship in our age group. I also got a service award for my work with an organization called Second Serve which helps collect and distribute gently used tennis equipment to underprivileged kids. Instead of thinking about the next thing, I allowed myself to be patient and enjoy my successes before I rushed off to something else. I only had to say the phrase “Now is the time to be aware of the present moment. I let go of the past and the future” once. I thought I did very well on this virtue today. 

I was mostly tranquil throughout the day except for a few moments where I stressed, mainly on my math test when I didn’t exactly know how to solve a problem. However, I stayed mostly calm and it ended up paying off as I did well. While I did not have the time for a calm meditation, I did reflect on my day when I was going to bed and made peace with it. 

Moderation was somewhat of a struggle today as I was at school for most of the day, then went straight to tennis, from there went to the awards event, and then got home late only to do homework. However, I was able to spend a lot of time with Greta when we were getting our awards along with my family who was also there. While this was time already planned, I still got to experience a well-balanced day as a whole. 

Order was not very good today. As I mentioned earlier, my whole day was busy and planned down to the minute so I did not have any time to clean my room. I will have more time tonight and hope to be able to get everything organized so that when I leave for Chicago for a tennis tournament this weekend, I will be able to come back home to a clean room. 

I found a lot of joy in the day, especially at the awards banquet. I got to spend time with Greta and talk to some of my other friends who play tennis who were also recipients of awards. I had a great time and loved having that time to relax and celebrate. Joy was probably one of the virtues that I had the most success with today, only second to Patience.

Connor Lawson – Day 2 Update

For this day, I was excelling with my self-control virtue, I was able to resist all junk food and candy for the day. I was proud of myself for being able to do this. I specifically remember staring down an ice cream sandwich that was in the freezer for around a minute, just telling myself that it wasn’t worth it. Once again, there was no need to study for any tests, but I did complete all my homework for diligence. I did well with keeping calm and Tranquil, There was nothing to even get upset about this day. For honesty, I didn’t lie, and for sincerity I was supposed to do laundry around 7pm, but I put it off until 9pm when my mom told me to do it again. 

Nov 10 Blog 2

Today I worked on silence. What I consider silence, is the ability to keep my mouth shut when you can’t provide something positive from your words. The first example I have from today was early this morning when my dogs decided to wake up at 530. I was suddenly awoken to them eating on the floor below me. Instead of complaining about it when I went downstairs I said nothing. A failure of silence was this evening. I got out of practice and I had just learned that my friend could not partake in the dodgeball event tomorrow night. Instead of working on silence I unfortunately started a pointless argument with this friend. Overall I did take many positives from today.

Nov 9 Blog 1

The first day of working on my virtues wasn’t my best. I can’t think of an exact example of me using or working on one of my virtues. I know it may sound bad but I think that it’s okay to struggle on the first couple days. With that being said I did pray this morning and will in about 45 minutes so I did practice faith today. It may not have been the most solidified practice of faith, but for the first day I will count it. Going forward I think I decide one virtue to focus on before I go out for the day.


My motivation for writing this blog and keeping up with my virtues via the blogs is to better improve myself, and ultimately perfect myself by the time we are complete. I’m not sure how I compare to Benjamin Franklin, but in a way I think everyone wants to improve themselves. Reading about Franklin’s journey to perfection is a great example of how the higher ups in society continue motivation to become better. 

My first virtue, which I believe will be the easiest for me, is Hope. What I mean by hope is keeping a positive attitude and not looking back on things I can’t change. The virtue comes from the bible and I believe a way I can work on it is by showing a grateful attitude and being hopeful for what is to come. The second virtue I chose is Faith. Faith is another bible virtue, but I think this one will be different for me and maybe a bit harder. A way to work on faith is to pray and spread the word. I’ve never been a huge church goer, but I do still pray and want to keep my faith in God. My third virtue and first of Ben Franklins, is silence. I want to learn how to keep my mouth shut at times and just move on. A way I can work on this is when I disagree with someone either shut up and walk away, or say something positive. Like Franklin said, speak to the benefit of yourself and others. The next one is sincerity. I do believe I am a sincere and nice person, but I think I am still able to improve how nice I am in certain situations. I have problems with being insincere to people I do not care for, and I always feel guilty later. I think I can work on sincerity by asking myself, “will you feel bad about this later?” The last virtue and what I think will be the hardest for me is, order. What I mean by order is in a way patience. I want to focus on just letting things play out. I feel like sometimes I try too hard to have an effect on something when I don’t need to. At times I want myself to focus on just taking a step back and relaxing. Let things play out and see what happens.

I truly want to focus on my work with the virtues and keep myself accountable. I think this is an awesome project to work on, and hopefully I can work on these things outside of just this project. I am confident I can knock and be satisfied with my work for three out of the five virtues. At the same time though, I want to work on all five and at some point in my life, look back thankful I did this. 

Day 2

Today, I got up early to study for my math test after staying up very late to study the night before. This showed strong resolution, because I was able to stay focused on my task of studying. Although I was resolute, This was almost to a fault, because I focused too much on this one math test and did not give enough order to my day in making sure that every aspect of my life was given time. This was especially seen in my lack of sleep, as I did not make any time for this. As far as my industry goes, at the beginning of the day it was good, but after my math test was over I lacked motivation and I was also very tired, so I did not do much afterwords. The day concluded well after school when I worked on giving my friend the justice he deserved in assuming he would work on an assignment that he said he would work on with me. He had not been very reliable for working with me on it, and he had put it off for multiple days, but today with this fair chance that I gave him he proved my previous assumptions wrong and worked on it with me.

Day 2: 11/10/21

Today my primary virtue focuses were Order, Self-Discipline, and Purposefulness. I spent my time getting my space into order, along with focusing on getting my work done-in hopes of that allowing me to spend more time towards Contentment tomorrow. Through practicing Self-Discipline, I was able to get everything done early enough, which allowed me to practice Purposefulness. With the extra time I had, in the evening, I spent time with my family. I stayed down for the entirety of dinner, which I don’t always do because I feel that I’m rushing to get all of my work done.

Ranking how well I practiced each virtue today: Order 4/5, Contentment 3/5, Acceptance n/a, Self-Discipline 5/5, Purposefulness 4/5.

Nicholas Karr – Day 2

Today was a mixed day for me in terms of Franklin’s virtues and by all other measurements. I suffered from some of my previous choices in order and a miscalculation of how long it would take me to complete test reviews, so I stayed up very late. It was still a good use of industry, however. That virtue was also involved in the entire school day, which required a lot of it. I excelled at a difficult test, completed cybersecurity challenges, and constructed robotic field pieces. I hope to continue that trend of industry over the next weeks. I also did well with flexibility because I had to cooperate with others during a game club. Order was still the most impactful virtue to me today and I still need to improve on it.

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Day One

Tranquility was my main virtue that I focused on today. As I had a test coming up the next day, I was beginning to feel anxious and overly nervous about how I would perform. Calculus has not been my strongest subject this year and while I only have a high B at this point in the year, I am still exerting an unreasonable amount of pressure on myself to get it up to an A by the end of the semester. As soon as a felt myself slip into panic mode, I sat down and placed a hand on my heart and took long, deep breaths for ten minutes. This served as a meditation to remind myself that I am human and that I am not perfect and make mistakes sometimes.

I did not really succeed at moderation today because I pretty much spent all day studying for math. I did not have time to spend with my family or talk to my friends and I continued working even after my parents went to sleep.

I did not make any progress on order because I simply have had no time to clean my room. I want to be able to clean it tomorrow because I predict that I will have less homework, and therefore have more time to get things put back in place.

My patience was tested while I was trying to figure out my review worksheets on math. I was struggling with some problems and I just needed to be patient in order to calmly figure out how to work through them. I did decently well with this although I felt myself getting anxious at some points during the study session.

I started my joy journal and one thing that I found joy in today was the feeling of satisfaction after a long day and being able to get in bed and go to sleep. Even though it was an overall busy and stressful day, knowing that I got through it all and that I was going to be okay made me feel like I accomplished something.

Day 2

Tranquillity 1/5

I didn’t really make any progress in achieving general tranquillity today. I am beginning to suspect that this might require a more definite strategy than the “general positive thoughts” thing I had going.  

Industry 4/5

I have been fairly productive today and, while I’ve definitely had some moments of distraction, on the whole, I’ve felt very on top of things. Throughout the school day, I used extra time to work on homework and after school, I avoided getting on my phone which saved me from falling down that time-consuming hole. I also had work tonight which adds to my feeling of general accomplishment.

Cleanliness 3/5

My cleanliness rating is kind of in the middle today because my room was straightened up by the hired cleaning service my parents pay for. So things look a lot better than they did, but it’s no thanks to me and therefore I shouldn’t get the credit. My room still needs to actually be cleaned, not just generally neatened, but for now, I will do my best to maintain its improved state.

Creative Productivity 2/5

I have not been creatively productive today. To be fair, I’ve had a full day and there hasn’t really been time. However, I have had a good idea for my Frequent Friday so there’s that. Will probably start writing it soon

Physical Health 2/5

I wasn’t super active today, but I did lift things and walked around at work. Definitely kind of a stretch, but I’m going to go ahead and give myself a point.


Hello! I am creating a blog in the attempt of moral perfection, simulating the experiment performed by Benjamin Franklin throughout his life. As he famously quoted, “I wished to live without committing any fault at any time; I would conquer all that either natural inclination, custom, or company might lead me into.” I am striving to do the same thing here. While Franklin’s experiment with virtues was an ongoing task, I am putting the trial on a smaller scale of two weeks, using five virtues (three of Franklin’s and two of my own) instead of the thirteen like Franklin. As an American student, I am familiar with Benjamin Franklin as a founding father. Through American history classes, Franklin has been a main topic during the American Revolution and further. I am motivated by the idea that I can better myself and set goals to further enhance the quality of my life and happiness. While I believe that no one can possibly be perfect, the concept of moral perfection and the attempt to get there can be really helpful when it comes to self-improvement. I hope to do this by focusing on my five virtues.

The first virtue I want to work on is Tranquility, or the idea of staying calm through difficult situations and finding your way to the eye of the hurricane. I often become anxious and emotional over things that truly don’t make much of a difference in my life. I want to focus on my successes rather than the things I deem to be failures. My goal is to find peace with where I am at in my life whether that is in school, relationships, or tennis while still being able to make progress in these areas. To do this, I am going to meditate each morning for ten minutes and reflect on what I have accomplished in order to start my day off content with where I am and where I am going. The next virtue I wish to develop is Moderation. While my organization is something that I am proud of, I would like to be able to find time, no matter how busy my schedule is, to spend time with friends, family, and most importantly, myself. To do this, I am going to plan out my week in advance so that I make sure I have time to enjoy myself and spend time with the people that I love. Order is another one of Benjamin Franklin’s virtues that I hope to improve. Because I am already working on moderation with my schedule and being organized in that aspect, through this virtue I am going to focus on my tidiness when it comes to my room and physical things. I will start with a deep clean of my room and then continue to do the little things to keep it neat, such as putting laundry away and throwing away papers and assignments that I no longer need. Patience is also another virtue I would like to concentrate on when it comes to thinking about the future. I want to minimize that feeling that I always have to be moving forward and looking ahead because I feel like I tend to miss things in my present life because I am thinking about the place I want to be at later in my life. Whenever I feel myself getting overly anxious about something in the future– college, tests, etc.– I will repeat this phrase silently to yourself three times: “Now is the time to be aware of the present moment. I let go of the past and the future.” I will record how many times I say that every day and try to reduce the number of times I say it to show that I am finding it easier to stay in the moment. The last virtue deeply connects with Patience: Joy. I want to recognize the things that bring me the most joy and try to do those things as much as I can. In order to figure this out, I will journal one thing per day that I find brings me the most happiness. At the end of two weeks, I will have a list of things that bring me joy and I will strive to use that to find much more enjoyment in the future. These five strategies will be the things I use for the next two weeks to really enhance the concept of moral perfection.

I am hoping to gain a better understanding of myself and where I am at mentally and emotionally in my life at the end of these two weeks. I want to be able to develop strategies that will help me improve myself. I predict that this is going to be very hard for me because I am pretty tough on myself and feeling content is something I struggle with every day. I am excited to attempt moral perfection and I really want these goals to succeed because it would make my life so much better. While I am not expecting this to go completely smoothly, I hope that I will at least take something out of it and learn something from this experience.

Day 2

I started the day off, happy, and excited! I have finally understood chemistry. I wanted to spread my happiness to my chemistry teacher, so I brought him a donut. Today I focused on tranquility. I went to sleep telling myself “tomorrow is going to be a good day”, I woke up and I told myself again “today is going to be a good day”. After seeing the happiness I brought to my chemistry teacher, after doing the smallest act of kindness, it inspired me to encourage it throughout the whole day. Falling into the category of tranquility, staying calm and peaceful, I have learned today, in order to stay calm, I need to find my inner happiness and spread it throughout my day. Today helped kick start my voyage of virtues. Today I give myself an A+ in the tranquility category. Onto the next virtue, I focused on acceptance. Today I looked at my grades and I was not quite satisfied with my B in chemistry and B in human anatomy. I continued to stare, until I realized the stress building up. I immediately closed out of my grades, I told myself I was doing my best. The A on my chemistry exam was the journey to receiving an A at the end of the semester in chemistry. For the category of acceptance I would give myself an A-, a minus due to the reasoning of allowing myself to stare at my grades too long. Overall these were the main virtues I worked on today. I believe this was a superb day, I hope my voyage continues with days like these!

Rafaela Grieco-Freeman: Day 2

November 10th, 2021

For today, I felt like I did alright in my virtue completion, though not excellent, despite having an overall good day which is somewhat confusing. I think it’s because I succeeded in virtues that I already prioritize outside of this project, which is somewhat throwing myself through a loop, so that will need some getting used to. However, I felt like I had a definite improvement on cleanliness from yesterday, possibly bumping it up to a 6/10. I followed Luke’s advice from earlier and I felt like it really helped with preventing distractions from my desk space. However, I still felt at times, not the most efficient, putting my industry and productive downtime virtues at a 4/10 for today as I got distracted by my phone easily, and justified it as my rest which was not exceptionally fulfilling. The virtue of tranquility did not really come up as any nervousness or frustration was very small and not substantial enough to make an impact (so putting it at a N/A out of 10 possibly; I may need to redo my ranking system). Temperance was alright though (putting it at a 5/10), as I continued my SAT preparation, but maybe not on other ongoing long-term projects.

I am interested to see how my virtues improve, fail, or fluctuate as this blog continues. Good night!

Kate Beaulieu-November 10

Today was a really good day for me! It was mainly good because I got to leave school early for an appointment that was taking place during 7th hour, so that was nice. For today, I mainly focused on tranquility just because I knew it was going to be an easy day in general, so why not take advantage of it and have a relaxing day. I was brainstorming last night ways for me to have a peaceful day, so I set an alarm on my phone with emoji’s and smiley faces and told myself to have a good day. Since that alarm was set before I left for school, it reminded me to not let school stress me out, and to just enjoy my short day. I for sure give myself an A for tranquility, but on the other hand, I give myself a C for practicing patience. I not only want to practice being patient with myself, but with others around me. Today I was driving a lot, so I found myself getting impatient at red lights or when there was a lot of traffic. I forgot to tell myself that I didn’t need to be anywhere super important, and to just relax. For tomorrow, if I find myself becoming impatient, I’m going to tell myself to be optimistic and maybe just listen to music to soothe me 🙂 To end my day, I am letting my brain relax, watching One Tree Hill and listening to the beautiful rainstorms!

Nov. 9 Day 1


moderation- A

frugality- D

accountability- A

self-discipline- A

cleanliness- B

Today is day 1 and I am excited to start on this two week journey. Today I really focused on Self-discipline. I made my own healthier meal tonight and made it to the gym. Another thing that I did better today than usual was working on my school work. I completed all of my homework in class today and that left me with more time to spend with my family. Because I didn’t have to do homework I was also able to practice football so my moderation with spending time with friends, family, and football also was a lot better today. Overall I would say my first day was a success. I hope to build on today and continue to improve throughout these two weeks. 

November 10, 2021

Day 2

Tranquility: 1: I felt too stressed today to really think about making peace with any of my outside stressors. There was not much I could think of that I was willing to let go.

Silence: 1: I did not make time to allow me to have ten minutes of silence today. My day was busy, once again, and I wasn’t sure how to fit it in with everything else. Tomorrow, I might try taking a moment to myself in the morning.

Moderation: 2: Today, I mostly only did school and soccer. I was too busy with these things to take time for me to enjoy other aspects of my life besides having dinner with some of my family. The dinner was nice, but I would have liked more time to spend with my family.

Patience: 3: Today, I was more mindful of my words, and listened better when other people were talking. I specifically practiced patience today when talking to another student during lunch. They mentioned a project they were doing in one of my classes. I initially made a comment, with little to no knowledge about the topic, but after realizing this mistake, I listened to their explanation. After their explanation, I realized that my first thought was a misconception. This really helped to show me the value of patience.

Contentment: 1: I had some ideas in mind for contentment, however, today I did not journal. I felt like I had too much other work that needed to come before taking the time to write. I think I am going to start keeping a list wherever I go, of anything I think of, throughout the day, on my phone. This might help me to better think about contentment during my day, and really make progress with this virtue.

Nov. 8 Intro

Franklin believed in the idea of striving for moral perfection. Although no one can ever be actually perfect I think it is a great idea to have that mindset in life. Researching Franklin motivated me to try and take this challenge more seriously because of how much he accomplished in his life. I also am motivated for this challenge because I am always looking for ways to better myself. Franklin attempted to accomplish this by creating a list of virtues. 

The five virtues that I have decided to work on are moderation, frugality, accountability, self-discipline, and cleanliness. Firstly I am going to work on moderation by spreading out my time better between football, friends, and family. A way that I am going to do this is by making sure I spend time with my family before I work on football and hangout with friends. The next virtue I am going to work on is frugality. I spend way too much money on food and things I don’t need so I am going to start eating at home and not spending money where I don’t have to. I do this by keeping track of my spending. Another virtue I am going to work on is accountability. I need to hold myself accountable for my school work and continue to improve my grades. I will do this by creating a planner and making sure I finish all of my work. Self discipline is another virtue I will work on. When I work on self discipline my goal is to continue to go to the gym every day but also start making my own healthier meals for myself. The last virtue that I am going to work on is cleanliness. I want to keep my room clean and help my mom around the house more. 

My hope for this challenge is that I will come out at the end as a better and healthier person. I know I won’t be able to become morally perfect in two weeks but I still think it is always a good idea to try and better myself. If I see real change in my life for the better I hope I carry on with practicing perfecting these virtues after these two weeks.

Connor Burrows – Nov. 10

I had a great day today. I spent all of last night studying for a math test, which went very well. This is an example of the importance of practicing Responsibility. Furthermore, today was the first day of Ping Pong Club, which I just started. Two years ago, I never would have considered running a club, but here I am. It was a lot of fun, I just needed the Confidence to do it. Playing ping pong for an hour is also a great exercise, and Health is very important to me. I spent my time well on Tuesday and organized my work well, so tonight is homework free! Order is going pretty well for me so far (though it’s hard to measure anything yet). Regrettably, I haven’t started painting yet, but I promise to start soon (and post update pictures whenever I work on it).

Hope you have a great day!

Connor Burrows

Luke Kounkel – Nov 10

Today went well for the virtues. During school, I had some easy classes which gave me time to do a little homework during my free time. After school, I went for a walk and took some time to reflect. While out on my walk I took some pictures of the fall trees. After the walk, I set my phone down and for an hour and a half I worked down the list of my most pressing homework. After taking a short break, I went back to work for another hour. Finally getting to the lower priority items on the list, I got bored and decided to call it a day. I could have been more industrious, but it felt like a good ending point, so I left it there.

Day #2: November 10, 2021

My second day was overall okay. I for sure had little achievements, which I am still proud of. First off, order and cleanliness this morning was quite the struggle. I woke up late and had to get to school by seven for a StuCo meeting which set me back a little. However, I had a very productive workday and kept organized with all my classes, despite chaos and stress. Balance is a little rougher today also with my DECA tournament but everyday after school I’m going to try to talk to my parents about my day before sitting down for homework. Also, with order, I decided to make sure I do homework out of my bed and hopefully I will get my assignments done quicker and more efficiency if I’m not tempted to take a nap. Patience was a challenge today because it always is more on my odd days with my classes but I gave myself 30 minutes of free time after school to eat a snack and look at TikTok before doing homework. Lastly, I worked on kindness with helping classmates in Physics with their work. I also am trying to say hi to people in the halls, even if I don’t know them super well. Overall, today still had improvements and I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

Day 1

Tranquillity 1/5

I can already tell that this is going to be the hardest virtue to adhere to, as well as to measure. I wasn’t a frazzled mess today, but I don’t think this has a lot to do with me. It just wasn’t that sort of day. I want to try to pay more attention to my thoughts and recognize when something I’m stressing about is unnecessary so that on the days when I actually am a frazzled mess, I’ll have the mental resources to handle it. This will also allow me to be less stressed about pointless things day to day. 

Industry 3/5

I feel like I was largely able to avoid unnecessary distractions today. I had a couple of slip-ups, but on the whole, I was pretty productive and on task.  I did push off focusing on my work in seminar in favor of hanging out with friends while working in a more distracted manner. However, I don’t totally consider this a failure because I feel like I was better off afterward in a way I wouldn’t have been had I only done homework.  I did struggle with some of my assignments when I got home, but I was more productive than I have been in a while and there was only one short instance in which I fell completely off task and got on my phone.

Cleanliness 2/5

Today I partially straightened up my room. I didn’t make much of a dent in the overall mess, but I made it a little bit better which is definitely something to be happy about. I plan on cleaning it properly when I have some time this weekend. 

Creative Productivity 4/5

I took some time after homework to actually write a new poem for the first time in a while. It’s not the best thing I’ve ever written, but it’s new and I’ve actually finished it, which is saying something. I also took some time to think over ideas for my frequent friday, which I need to start writing right about now. Hopefully, if I keep it in my mind, I will come up with something worth writing.

Physical Health 3/5

I think I did a relatively good job with physical health. I abandoned the couch and my book to go with my mom and walk the dog around the neighborhood. The weather was really beautiful and walking at night was surprisingly nice (much better than walking during the day). It is definitely the sort of thing I should do more often. However, I didn’t eat particularly well, which I need to remember to do in the future. 

Day 1: 11/09/21

Today is my first day in working on my five virtues (Order, Contentment, Acceptance, Self-Discipline, and Purposefulness) and my journey to some sort of moral better-ness. The virtue most apparent, today, was Acceptance. My day went un-according to plan. I was sick, which meant that I had to stay home from school, and because I’m going to be absent next week too, it stressed me out. However I knew that this was outside of my control, so I did my best to just move past it. The other virtue I focused on was Self-Discipline. Instead of spending my whole day doing nothing, laying on my phone, I tried to do things that I needed to get done, in hopes of minimizing how behind I got. Overall I think that it was a fairly successful first day of working on my virtues.

Day #2 – 11/9/21

Overall, I don’t think this day was horrible, but I acknowledge that I was much less successful than the day prior. In regards to Sincerity I did okay, but I was around someone I was uncomfortable with and did not set my boundaries, and for that I am slightly disappointed. However, my Awareness was quite nice, and I felt pretty cognizant for all my classes and conversations, even Spanish which is normally a rarity. I think this change was due to me sitting with an individual I know, rather than an individual I can only consider myself mildly acquainted with. Sadly, my Regulation was not strong at all, with me finding myself picking at my skin for 20 minutes in the car, which lets me know that I cannot let myself linger in there once I’m done driving; furthermore I had my phone out in bed, though I’m proud of myself for only using it for ten minutes. Sadly, this led to me ruminating afterwards and having a mini-breakdown before bed, so changing my night-time routine has moved itself up my priorities.

Sleep Log
7:49-8:16 – Shower + Brush Teeth
8:58 – Pajamas
9:40 – Lights Out + In Bed
9:54 – Phone Off

10:15- 6:12 AM Sleep, 7:57 hours, 81 Sleep Score, One Notable Wake-Up (5:45-6:00)

I will not consider this day a failure, as there were aspects in which I improved upon my usual behavior. However, I will acknowledge that there are important areas regarding Sincerity and Regulation in which I specifically need to focus on, and use that knowledge to improve tomorrow.

Day: 2

Today my main focus was Tranquility. I focused on the present instead of the future and it allowed me to remain tranquil. I would rate this method a 7/10 because it is still possible to look forward into the future and give yourself anxiety. For my other virtues, My Order is still at a 10/10, Sincerity is a 8/10, Humility is a 9/10, and Frugality is a 10/10. Tomorrow my main goal is gonna be Sincerity. I want to make sure I spend some time with my family because I don’t have anything going on.

Day One

Tuesday, November 9th, 2021

Overall, day one was an alright start to this virtue tracking. For this blog, I will focus on my strongest and weakest virtues.

First off, on the positives, my strongest virtue of the day was temperance, giving myself an 8/10. I created an SAT preparation schedule for a testing date in December. Depending on how well I do on following this plan may affect its rating, but for now, I am optimistic. On the other hand, my weakest virtue was cleanliness, rating myself a 4/10, as I did my homework at a messy desk space that often led to distractions, so cleaning that area would be necessary to improve both cleanliness, but also industry. I will make it my goal for tomorrow to declutter my working desk in order to improve cleanliness.

For the additional virtues, industry was a 6/10, and tranquility was a 5/10. Lastly, my productive downtime was a 5/10 since I scrolled mindlessly on my phone for longer than needed, but was able to make an octopus from seed beads by following a tutorial during my downtime.

Day #1 – 11/8/21

Overall, I don’t think there is anyway in which this day could’ve been a failure, as it is the day I set out to improve. Furthermore, I received wonderful guidance from my therapist which allowed me to articulate my needs and problem solve in regards to achieving them. I was introduced to the chain method, as well as reminded of the tools I had already acquired regarding setting out towards happiness, that being behavioral activation and using writing as to gain an increase knowledge of my daily going-ons. So, today I started sleep-logging, as well as using my time to help my family through cleaning the garage and thereby spending time with them.

Sleep Log
9:01-9:05 – Restroom + Water
9:05 – Work Break
10:35 – Water/Restroom
10:40 – Lights Out, in Bed
10:50 – TV off

10:57-5:58 AM – Sleep, 7:01 hours, 84 Sleep Score, 0 Notable Wake-Ups

With all of this in mind, plus the generally successful nightly schedule, I’m happy to consider my first day a general success.


I have always thought of Benjamin Franklin as something of an anomaly among the founding fathers. The essential (ie. well-known) founding fathers are all associated first and foremost with politics. On the other hand, the name “Benjamin Franklin” brings to mind pictures of the enthusiastic inventor who ventured into dark storm, armed with only kite and key; images of the bespeckled (bifocaled?) intellectual behind America’s public libraries. Of course, one also imagines him surrounded by the other founding fathers, quill at the ready, engaging in political debates and such. But no image is truer or more natural than that of the mad, old scientist, trudging thoughtlessly into an oncoming storm. Emphasis on “old.” Not in any of my mental images of Franklin is he less than 40 years old. And indeed, is it hard to attach the storied name of Franklin to any musings of a precocious teenaged writer or popular print shop owner. One almost feels as if Franklin sprung from the womb a wise old man. But of course, as I have so recently learned, this is not the case. When he was around my own age, Benjamin Franklin conceived his 13 virtues for moral perfection; a concept so idealistic I would deem it youth’s folly had Franklin not gone on following it for the rest of his life. While I’m not sure I believe in total moral perfection or moral perfection through one definitive, unchanging code, I do believe in self-improvement. Thus, with this blog, I will follow Franklin’s example and attempt to follow a list of 5 virtues in the interest of self-growth. 

I would like to follow the virtues of tranquillity, industry, cleanliness, creative productivity, and physical health. All but creative productivity and physical health are taken from Franklin’s list. Tranquillity focuses on not getting upset over unimportant things or letting accidents of the unavoidable or common variety consume one’s thoughts. I often let myself get upset over unimportant or even imagined problems and I feel I would be significantly happier if I learned to avoid this habit, hence tranquillity. I will enact tranquillity by attempting to catch myself at the start of negative reflection and think instead of my successes and plans for the future. Perhaps I will invent a mantra. The virtue of industry concerns avoiding unnecessary actions and spending one’s time doing useful things. I feel like I often get distracted by scrolling through my phone or something equally pointless when reading or writing would be much more productive and enjoyable. In order to promote industry in my life, I will attempt to have a book on my person at all times and also stop and ask myself if what I’m doing is really necessary whenever I take out my phone. Cleanliness centers around personal hygiene and keeping one’s living area clean. My primary living area (bedroom) is arguably the messiest it’s ever been. I will follow this virtue by cleaning and maintaining it. Creative productivity (a virtue of my own devising) is essentially creative completion. I have several unfinished projects that I just keep on poking away at, rather than officially finishing and doing something with. I have no sense of discipline and write only when experiencing a burst of inspiration. I also avoid writing things that I need to and want to write because of the mentally grueling nature of creative writing. In keeping with this virtue, I want to find time to write at least once a week and have two finished products by the end of this blog experiment. I also would like to work on the virtue of physical health. To be honest, I’m worried about my health and the unseen consequences my lifestyle may have. I generally eat poorly and rarely get any kind of physical exercise. I also listen to music at a thundering volume, so I’m fairly certain that my hearing is permanently doomed. I want to pay more attention to and conscientiously make good decisions for my health. 

I hope that by following these virtues I can make progress on some of the things that have been cluttering up my life for a while. I want to genuinely move forward and progress as a person, or, at the very least, finish some poems and clean my room. Idealism (in some form or another) is said to be a hallmark of youth, and idealism is all that I can see in young Ben Franklin’s attempt to reach moral perfection. However, the fact that he kept up this struggle his whole life says something interesting. I doubt that Franklin found any kind of long-lasting moral perfection through his virtues, but perhaps it was in the pursuit of perfection that he found satisfaction. Perhaps through his virtues, Franklin hit on an important truth: it is more important that we strive to meet our lofty ideals than whether or not we actually meet them. More important that we have ideals at all, that we move into the future, not blindly, but with our eyes open.

Alyssa Alvey – Introduction

In the starting of this blog, I wish to complete an abridged version of what Benjamin Franklin, the legend himself, aspired to complete throughout his lifetime. Though I think myself unable to complete true moral perfection, as the morality of each individual is biased and everyone is prone to error in judgement, I still will avail myself to reach moral betterment. I want to be a better individual, not normal, but an improvement upon the groundwork previously laid. I think there is strength in being able to change and work towards our innate deficits, and even more so I think there is strength in admitting we have those deficits in the first place. With this blog, I wish to do both. I want to acknowledge the harmful behaviors and patterns that are interspersed within each day, and change them through behavioral modification, just as Benjamin did throughout the entirety of his life. Though I have not connected with him much prior, this blog will serve as my primary link to him, and in doing so I’ll further connect with myself.

Throughout the course of this blog, there are five core aspects of my current life in which I aspire to improve upon. Some aspects I have labeled in a similar fashion as to Benjamin Franklin, as his original ideas for his own improvement aligned with my own. Others are more specific to myself, as in self-rumination we realize our innate deviations from others, and some expectations simply do not need to be upheld. With this in mind, one of the core aspects I wish to improve upon is one ever more invasive in my life: Regulation.
Over the last couple of months, due to a variety of circumstances I may or may not divulge in, I have found it more difficult to uphold habits I formed while at the peak of my mental condition. Whether this be completing tasks in an orderly manner, or taking care of myself at controlled and scheduled intervals, things seem to be slipping by the wayside and I can’t seem to catch everything. I hope, through focusing on this, I can combine Ben Franklin’s ideas of order and moderation into one. However, a stand alone idea of his that I can implement is Sincerity.
Though I generally like to consider myself an honest person, that doesn’t mean I don’t fall into patterns harmful to myself, whether it be trying to fall into peer groups and their expectations of me or dissociating throughout the day to a point where I don’t know who I am. It’s a difficult process, not being fully myself, and it’s so incredibly tiring that I’m barely able to push myself to complete anything once the day is done. Bearing this in mind, I’d like to work towards being more present in the moment, and in doing so try to push myself away from conformity and forced socialization, as I gain less than what I lose from it.
One thing I don’t want to lose is Awareness, and it’s partially because it relates to my goals of Sincerity. Throughout my lifetime, I’ve always considered myself incredibly cognizant of any intrapersonal difficulties and changes. However, despite this, there are moments, recently increasing in frequency, where I feel as if I’m chronically missing something, that I’m simply going through the motions and in those motions it’s even harder to focus and retain information. Furthermore, I have begun to struggle with being aware of not only passive stimulation, but food intake as well, and as a result I’m stuck with bloody fingers and acid curling up my throat. I hope that by reminding myself to be present and ride any wave of emotion, I can combat some of the dissociative haze and harmful behaviors.
Out of all the issues I’ve recently faced in my life, one of the ones which constantly linger in my purview is a startling lack of Enjoyment. Throughout the day, I am stuck between middling boredom, annoyance, or just pure pain. Then, once the main portion of my day is over, things which once brought me joy instead bring me absolutely nothing unless I specifically work hours and hours upon some artificial goal to create temporary joy. It’s so tiring to live a life in which there’s no true joy derived from it, especially when the same exact cycle is likely bound to continue for at least another couple months. I hope, if nothing else, I’m able to ride it out, and not only that but ride it out with the individuals I know are willing to support me through each step.
However, for all of this to start, I need to have the Resolution to make it happen, just as Benjamin Franklin needed the resolve to reach moral perfection for 60 years straight. Though this has never been a specific weak point of mine, in times of struggling and dysregulation, it’s important that I step up my behavioral activation to the best of my ability. I don’t trust my own words, and often I rely on others to set deadlines and tasks for myself, as then I need to live up to expectations which have an impact on more than myself. It’s vital that I change that reductive cycle. I need to be firm yet gentle with myself, as to not only lend myself some kindness but to also lend myself the ability to move forward, towards a brighter future.

With these goals in mind, I have quite a few strategies I’m willing to implement to increase my chances of success, as well as some general ideas of how this will go. In regards to Regulation, I believe I will be able to fix most of my issues: sleep, cleanliness, and work schedule. For a year, I worked on my sleep through sleep therapy, and putting some of those strategies back into practice will likely enable me to fix the issues in my sleep schedule within the timeframe of this blog. Furthermore, if working in a scheduled framework for my sleep, I will also be in a scheduled framework for any general cleanliness concerns, thereby knocking all issues besides working out of the way. When it comes to work, I’ll take a less reward-based system, as I often just work while participating in my hobbies, and instead will take a time-based approach. Hopefully, with this, I’ll be able to separate work and “play”, and thereby increase the Regulation of the two.
However, one that will be much harder to both measure and regulate is Sincerity. As of now, I have a couple ideas here, mostly ones of either working towards Awareness and applying such skills here, or through behavioral and cognitive changes. More specifically, I’ll be working towards being more aware of when I am dissociating, and then use grounding techniques to bring myself back to the present. In other words, I’ll be using a chain-based approach in which I try to stop the behavior as soon as possible, rather than stopping it when it has already occurred. With this, hopefully, I’ll be able to catch anytime I’m acting disconnected to how I’m actually feeling or thinking, and thereby be more sincere and real to not only my peers but myself.
Brought up prior, one of the biggest focuses of this blog is Awareness, and in general it’ll follow a similar pattern to Sincerity, as mastering Awareness will then allow me to focus on Sincerity to the best of my ability. There are three main areas in which I’ll apply the chain method discussed prior, as the chain method is often used towards passive and unconscious actions. Firstly, I’ll use it whenever I find myself in a headspace to pick at my nails, and from there I’ll remove anything from my environment which would allow me to do so. This will not only likely make me find healthier coping mechanisms for boredom and anxiety, but it’ll allow me to keep the full usage of my hands, as picking at them comes to the detriment of myself for a week at a time. Secondly, I’ll use it to work on Sincerity, discussed prior. Thirdly, I’ll use the chain method to work towards being cognizant of food intake, though for this I think just being kind to myself is the most important step.
The hardest goal to work towards, out of all of these, is Enjoyment, as it’s hard to force yourself to feel an emotion which simply is not present. Instead, I’ll be working towards improving my cognitive outlook, focusing less on the negative and specifically stopping myself from self-deprecating, With this, I’ll likely feel more happy within my own headspace, and from there I can work to be content in the actions I commit, whether I be with friends or on my lonesome. As well, I’ll try to put more variety in my routine, as it has stagnated as of late due to an executive dysfunction keeping me in the same couple of patterns. Of course, I’m aware the first couple days are going to be difficult, as habits have an extinguishing response whenever you try to change them: they come back stronger. I don’t think that will stop me from making some progress though, as behavioral activation is a powerful tool when utilized effectively. However, I acknowledge that this feeling of malaise will not go away anytime soon, and I’m currently working on a consultation with a psychiatrist for a set of fresh eyes. I’m determined to regain some joy in my life, even if I don’t see the fruits of my labor during the course of this blog.
With this in mind, the foundation of it all needs to be met. As mentioned prior, behavioral activation is a powerful tool, and it’ll be my main tool when working with resolve. I’ll start with small goals of activities to complete in my day-to-day life, things which I have not done prior. From there, I’ll start reaching out to others, so they keep me culpable from slipping up on the occasion that I do. Once this has been accomplished, I’ll fix up my routine to allow flexibility, but to always give myself time to be productive and utilize the spare time I have. This will likely be the most experimental piece, and that is why I am leaving it for last. Resolve is something that wanes in its struggle, so in all honesty I’m the least sure about the amount of progress I’ll make on it, as it depends on my focus and motivation: two hard-to-control variables.
In all honesty, I’m glad to have been the time to create this blog at this point in my life, a point in which I predicted successfully that I was going to return to. I’m glad, as well, to have been given a framework as decreed by Benjamin Franklin to work within, as without it I might not have focused on much at all. I’m motivated to change my life for the better while managing a depressive episode, and with that I’m excited to work on this, and excited to be a culpable, virtuous individual.

Day One

Today I have chosen to focus on cleanliness as my main virtue. I have chosen this day to clean my room, do my laundry, do a full skincare routine and eat a healthy lunch and dinner. For lunch I had a chicken salad sandwich, which contains proteins, grains, and veggies I need for a full nutritional meal, pairing it with an orange and grapes. For dinner I had chicken pesto, which was moderately healthy containing proteins, veggies, and carbs. Today my main focus was cleanliness, however I continued to keep in mind my other virtues throughout my day. I started off my day with math. When it comes to math, I gravitate towards frustration and impatience. Today while we were reviewing for our test, I was able to ask questions, and take deep breaths if I wasn’t understanding the concept. I was able to stay tranquil and continue on with my learning. Moreover the virtues I have achieved today, one including moderation. After school I lean towards the unhealthy bag of chips rather than the carrots and celery. Today I chose the bag of chips with moderation of the chips, balancing it out with carrots and hummus. Overall I would give myself an B+ because I know I could have incorporated more of my virtues.


I am very eager to begin exploring my virtues, and improving my moral compass. These past few months I have been struggling to find my footing, and approaching life with little to no thought. For these next two weeks, I will address my most prominent flaws, and attempt to tidy them up a bit. This, to some, may just be a measly AP Language assignment, but to me, this is an opportunity to clean up my life. Benjamin Franklin has appeared in my history textbooks since second grade, and honestly for many years I would yawn at the mention of his name. This project has given me the opportunity to use his tactics to better my own well being. No longer will Ben Franklin be restricted to my AP US History class. Franklin is now my mentor of morality, guiding me to live a life of near perfection.

For my five virtues, I have chosen Cleanliness, Silence, Order, Appreciation, and Bliss. To me, cleanliness is the most important of the five. This year I have let cleanliness take the metaphorical “back seat”. My room is always in shambles, my car has piles of clothes in the back, and my bathroom has hundreds of empty contact cases on the counter. Waking up to a visual disaster is a wonderful way to encourage a disaster of a day.  For these next two weeks, I will clean my room and car every two days, in order to keep my life clean and tidy. Silence is also very important to me, and something that I haven’t really seeked out this year. My life is one filled with extra- curriculars, and oftentimes I won’t get home until about 10 pm. This means a lot of noise, and very little quiet. Deep down, I am an introvert, who needs alone time in order to enjoy life. In order to preserve some quiet time for myself, I will start using my mornings as a way to do that. The time I use to brush my teeth and get ready for school will also be my time to enjoy some peace in my chaotic life. Due to the natural business of my daily life, I often find myself to be unorganized, and in a state of disarray. My math worksheets can currently be found in my english folder, and my planner was last added to in August. In order to improve my own morality, I must change these life habits. To do that, I will start adding to my planner daily, and making sure I stay on top of my activities and assignments. My life is one filled with reasons to be grateful, and reasons to feel lucky and blessed. I believe that I haven’t done enough to show my appreciation for these things. I need to start taking the time to notice my blessings, and to be thankful for them. From today on, I will practice appreciating my life, and taking the time to say “thank you”. Finally, I want to work on being blissful. I can’t remember a time this year when I felt completely happy. I am always thinking about the next thing that brings my stress and sadness. Enjoying the little things in life will allow me to become a happier person overall. 

This project will be so beneficial to me and my life. I need to start holding myself more accountable for my own happiness, and by using Franklin’s strategies, I believe I can do this. At the end of these next two weeks, I will be a cleaner, more organized, more thankful, happier, and more peaceful human being. It may be a challenge to remember all of these things, but the payoff will be much worth the hard work. I will be posting short daily updates on how my journey is going. This will play a part in holding myself accountable, and aid me in staying true to my virtues. I could not be more thrilled to see how this goes, and to become a better human being. 

Day 1 of Moral Improvement

Today was an exciting day. It was the first day of my journey to moral perfection! It started at 6:00 AM, when I got up to shower and get ready. In order to practice silence, I used this time to appreciate the peaceful nature of my mornings. After this, I took the time to clean out my car, which was a sloppy mess before today. Although I did leave my room just as dirty as it was before, I plan on tidying that up tomorrow. This gave me a chance to work on my cleanliness. I then went to school, where I took the time to write each of my homework assignments down in my planner, giving me a good organized way to remember my schoolwork. After school, I went home to eat and relax before rehearsal at 7:30 PM. I used this time to practice appreciation for my food and my home. A couch, a blanket, and a TV is a combination to be thankful for any day of the year. This also gave me the opportunity to practice being blissful, and to forget the daily stresses of my life. This was a time for me to relax and unwind, and it did not go to waste.

Alaina Brunell-Wright ~ My Journey to Moral Perfection

In this project, I have chosen five virtues to better achieve moral perfection. Despite having minimal knowledge on Franklin, aside from what I’ve learned within the means of school, this project is modeled after Benjamin Franklin. Franklin chose thirteen virtues, and strove to model his life to fit with these, to hopefully achieve some sort of moral perfection. Though I do not think that I will be able to become morally perfect, through this project, I hope to see improvements in these chosen virtues, in across facets of my life. 

The five virtues I have chosen for this experiment consist of Order, Contentment, Acceptance, Self-Discipline, and Purposefulness. These are all aspects and areas of my life that I think I could improve on, to better achieve moral perfection. I have some trouble keeping my space in Order-despite feeling better as a whole when it is put together. I hope to improve upon consistently keeping my space orderly. In terms of Contentment I hope to find time for things in which I enjoy, but sometimes neglect during the school year. In regards to Acceptance, I sometimes find myself hanging on things that perhaps are out of control, sometimes allowing them to put my whole day or even week out of whack. I hope to work on finding acceptance in things that are outside of my control. Self-Discipline, this is something I struggle with in regards to getting my school work done, outside of the school day, and being on my phone too much. I hope to become more disciplined in both of those areas, though I do believe that they are very much related. Finally, in terms of Purposefulness, I hope to become more intentional with my time and how I choose to spend it. When I have down time, instead of wasting all of it on my phone, I want to take that time to spend time with my little brothers and family.

Though I don’t think that I will be able to achieve complete moral perfection, through my time spent in this project, I hope to be diligent in working on my virtues. In the end of this, I hope to see improvement, in these facets of my life. I look forward to seeing how this goes, for both myself and others. I hope that even when this is over, the potential growth I’ve made stays with me, to help better improve who I am-in the long run.

Kate Beaulieu-Day 1 of Moral Improvement

Day 1

I began my day waking up at 5:55 am which is a couple minutes earlier than usual, but I wanted to give myself time to make a cup of coffee and have a slow and relaxing morning. Waking up earlier and treating myself to coffee was a strategy of mine to practice tranquility. I noticed that having a slower morning put me in a better and more focused mood for school. I took the day at a moderate pace which helped me become more patient with myself and others since my brain wasn’t going a million miles an hour. The only somewhat negative part of my day was taking a chem quiz and finding out that I didn’t get an A on it, which made me upset at first, but then I remembered one of my virtues which is academic acceptance. I looked at my score for a minute or so, and came to the conclusion that it is perfectly acceptable to receive a 13/15 on a quiz rather than a 14/15 or 15/15. To practice academic acceptance, I only allowed myself to look at the score for a short amount of time and forced myself to put my phone up so I wouldn’t obsess over the imperfect score. Lastly, I ended my day with photography, something I am wanting to be more passionate about. I took photos for Harbinger during school, and wanted to go home and edit them to see the final product. I was happy with how the photos turned out, and decided that I should schedule specific days I want to take photos. Overall, I succeeded in practicing my virtues which has started me off on a good note with my journey. Today was a good day!

11/9/21 – Update

Today I did very well, specifically in moderation, because I was able to control my phone usage with success. This was seen by my low phone usage during school and getting lots of homework done during the day because I was not using my phone much. This phone usage also continued during my time when I got home from school. Although this was mainly because of my math test which I studied very hard for and did not leave much time for my phone, it still was a success that I was able to manage it even with the stress of the test. On confidence I wasn’t as strong, but my industry was strong due to my efficient work at my homework. Also, my resolution was strong in deciding to study for my math test. My justice was also strong in that I was able to realize my bias I had against my friends normal habits, and change this to realize that the person can change as well.

Kate Beaulieu-Introduction Essay

My Road to Moral Improvement 

Being assigned to challenge myself morally for the next couple of weeks will both test and improve my everyday routine and mindset. Just as Franklin believed and practiced virtues that would better himself, he proved that if one were to select a few weaknesses or rather hone in on what someone would want to change about themselves, they could grow as a person and change their life. Seeing how balanced Franklin managed to make his life by dedicating himself to following certain virtues, he has motivated me to do the same. I am prepared to struggle in the beginning with breaking old habits, but I am stimulated and driven by success and am motivated to see similar results as Franklin did. I am excited and eager to see my progress when I am finished, which will encourage me to follow through on my journey.  Both Franklin and I are alike in the sense that we both wanted to try self-evaluation and improvement at one point in our life, and at the end of the experiment, I will be able to say that just like him, I will have documentation of my efforts in changing my morals. 

Consequently, I have evaluated what I need to work on most in my life and came to the conclusion that it’s related to stress and negativity. I carefully chose a few of Franklin’s virtues and my own, which are: moderation, tranquility, academic acceptance, patience, and passion. Having chosen these five virtues, it’s important for me to explain and reflect on my reason for why I selected them. First off, practicing moderation and tranquility both go hand and hand for ways to reduce stress. I tend to push myself too hard, whether that’s academically or athletically and never let my mind or body catch a break. When I am not busy, I tell myself that I need to be productive rather than lying down and giving myself time to recharge. I have noticed that this is an unhealthy habit that needs to be broken, so I will be having the same mindset as Franklin, who believes that everyone should set aside time to rest in order to get things done. I will be altering my mindset similar to his, and will be achieving his way of thinking by providing at least half an hour anytime after school for me to lie down in my bed, possibly light some candles and let my brain temporarily turn off. Using this strategy will hopefully let my brain slow down and take each day moderately and positively. Secondly, I will be practicing academic acceptance and patience, which seem to be consuming me the most, especially negativity regarding academics. I tend to have an a-type personality, and I have set such high standards for myself in school, putting internal pressure on myself that has ruled my mind. I panic when I see two B’s on my quarter report card, or even getting any grade in general besides an A. Patience is another important virtue that I need to practice, which I need to work on in school, specifically in math. I am hard on myself for not being the best at math, and constantly comparing myself to others, never giving myself enough credit or time to learn a new concept. I need to understand that math doesn’t come easily to everyone, and that I need to be patient with myself that it takes me slightly longer to learn new topics in math. I will apply patience to my everyday life by taking a few deep breaths, and tackling one concept at a time. Lastly, passion is something I need to incorporate into my life. I am involved in multiple extracurriculars all of which I love, but I can’t see myself pursuing every extracurricular in the future. I want and need to discover what I truly love and am passionate about so I can pursue that and hopefully learn from it. I believe that when I find one or two things that I am passionate about, it will change my perspective on life. I will apply strategies such as focusing one one extracurricular that I can see myself having a true passion and future with such as photography, and set a reminder on my phone to go outside and shoot something. 

As a result, I yearn for only positive outcomes and exponential improvements. I want to be able to see a visible change in my attitude, and I want my friends and peers to notice as well. I hope to become more optimistic and calm so I can teach others how to do the same. During this journey, I predict that I will most definitely face hardships such as wanting to give up and a lack of motivation, but as I mentioned before, I have a perfectionist and routine oriented personality, so I am confident that I will successfully practice these virtues religiously. By the end of this, I am ecstatic to see my progress and I know that I will be happy that I was assigned to blog and interact with my classmates during my road to moral improvement.

Day: 1

Today I focused mainly on Order. After I received homework from all three of my teachers, I made sure to document it into my notes on my phone. This helped me remember what I had to do for homework. I would rate Order a 10/10 for today. For Tranquility, I would give myself a 10/10 because I remained calm all day and didn’t have any stresses. For Humility, I would give myself a 9/10 because I maintained a very humble attitude when some others around me weren’t. I would give myself 6/10 for Sincerity because I didn’t get to spend much time with my family today. my last virtue I wanted to work on was Frugality. I would give myself a 4/10 because I spent some money to go play basketball at Matt Ross community center. Overall, it was a pretty good day.

My Voyage of Virtues

The motivation behind my blog is to improve my life as a whole. I would like to live a clean, well organized life, and condense the abundance of stress surrounding me. As I have gotten older, I have let stress crowd my life. Stress determines the way my day will go, how I will sleep, how I will eat and generally affect my health. This stress leads to cleanliness, I get out of focus, and become messy. My room is always clean, but the stress takes over my life and I have become more sloppy. I am eager to start a new routine to help with organization, and cleanliness. The relationship between Franklin and I, is both aiming towards goals in our life. Franklin has inspired me, and my class to begin a journey of virtues. Franklin constantly kept himself occupied, achieving goal after goal throughout his whole life. I strive to have the motivation Franklin had, keeping up with his virtues until he no longer could. I had told myself a goal to have each month, we then began to talk about Franklin’s virtues, it gave me the perfect opportunity to grow. I hope to keep this going throughout my life just like Franklin.  

The virtues I have chosen to help me succeed in life are, Acceptance, Tranquility, Cleanliness, Temperance, and Liberality. Starting with Acceptance, I have chosen these virtues as I tend to hold things over my head when I know it is out of my control. I please others before pleasing myself. I have realized I need to come to terms with the fact I can’t make everyone happy, but I know I need to enjoy life to the fullest. A strategy to remind me I cannot please everyone, is to try my best, and know that I did all that I can do. Following acceptance is Tranquility. My life is full of stress, and the easiest way for me to handle it is to channel that stress to anger. One way I am going to work on tranquility is working on my breathing and communication to my peers. One of the virtues I want to focus on the most is Cleanliness. I have become messy as I have gotten older, and I’ve decided to change that.  One way I am going to achieve cleanliness is letting my family and friends know, so they are able to hold me accountable for eating healthy. Another way I am going to achieve this goal is committing to the gym and after school weights. Continuing on with my health, I have chosen temperance. To help with cleanliness I need to learn how to eat in moderation, and work out in Moderation. I will limit the amount of sugars that are in my house, and if there are I will set a goal of how much I will eat. Food in general, I am going to download an app to tell me my calorie intake to help keep track of what I am eating. Lastly I would like to work on Liberality. With the goals I am setting, I still need to learn a way to balance all without being uptight. When it comes to school, work on school work, but if it’s the weekend I am going to give myself a break and go have fun. Throughout my high school years so far I have learned to live in the moment and enjoy the time I have with my people. A way I am going to achieve this goal is, setting goals for when to get my homework done. After I have made it to that time I will go out and live freely. 

My hopes for these virtues, and my plan to achieve them, are to help me live a better, and relaxed life. I believe with my determined mindset, and the obvious need for a schedule fix, that I will be able to continue these virtues past the class time we are given. Although we have a short amount of time to succeed in these virtues, I believe each will have a positive impact on my life. I have high standards for myself, and all I want is the best. I believe these virtues are the pathway to that success I yearn for. 

My Journey to Moral Perfection

“What more valuable than Gold? Diamonds. Than Diamonds? Virtue.”

Poor Richard’s Almanack, 1751
  • Tranquility
  • Silence
  • Moderation
  • Patience
  • Contentment

The Beginning:

In 1726, Benjamin Franklin designed a system of virtues in hopes of achieving moral perfection. Tonight, I will follow in his footsteps. Upon discovering that perfection is not the actions of good and bad, or that it is not black and white, Franklin found it difficult to monitor his progress. He created a list of virtues and a system of organization to help him perfect his daily life. Although I am no inventor, entertainer, nor diplomat, I will attempt his lifelong work to achieve moral perfection in the span of two weeks. As a part of my self-journey, I have decided to adopt five virtues that I will be using to try and achieve Franklin’s idea of ‘moral perfection.’ Through the use of a blog system, I will document my progress with the virtues I have chosen that will best represent the parts of myself that I would like to improve.

The five virtues that I have selected are tranquility, silence, moderation, patience, and contentment. Three of the five virtues, tranquility, silence, and moderation, come from Franklin’s original list. I have ultimately adapted them slightly from Franklin’s original concepts to better fit my life and the goal I am trying to achieve. The last two virtues are concepts that I decided on to help better myself. For tranquility, I have decided that I will try and make peace with things that I cannot control. I plan to do this by writing a list each night of things I cannot change, and cross the list off before I go to bed. This will provide me release from the stress of outside factors, while also allowing me, through the use of checking each idea off, to feel accomplished. As I have found that my life is very hectic, I would like to use the virtue, silence, to take ten minutes out of my day to sit quietly with no other distractions and reflect on my day. I think this virtue will provide me with a way to slow down and really appreciate the good aspects of my life. The last virtue of Franklin’s that I have chosen, moderation, will be applied to my busy daily life. I spend most of my time either at soccer or doing school work. For at least twenty minutes each week, I would like to spend time enjoying a hobby of mine. I would also like to set aside one day of the weekend to spend completely with family and friends. I need to connect more with the people and hobbies in my life that I enjoy, and with the practice of moderation, I hope I can achieve that. One of the hobbies that I selected for myself is patience, more particularly, patience with other people. I often want to rush in and share my own ideas before others can share theirs. I also sometimes become impatient and frustrated with others when they do not understand or agree with my ideas. By practicing patience, I hope to slow down and listen to others before jumping to conclusions. Lastly, I have selected the virtue of contentment to practice. When practicing contentment, I would like to journal each night about the things in my life that I am satisfied with. For each virtue, I will rank how successful I was at completing each one every day on a scale of one to five, with five being the highest. I hope this will ultimately allow me to become more content with my place in the world by allowing me to realize all of the great aspects of my life. 

These five virtues have been meticulously selected for the purpose of benefiting myself, and by correlation, bettering the lives of those around me. My hope is not to achieve perfection, but to find some semblance of self-improvement throughout this journey. I have always hidden my pessimism behind the idea that I was ‘just being realistic.’ However, with this project, I plan to gain hope for a happy and successful future. I may not achieve perfection, but I believe that this experiment will make me have a more open-minded and positive outlook on my life. 

“Search others for their virtues, thy self for thy vices.”

Poor Richard’s Almanack, 1738

November 9, 2021

Day 1:

  • Tranquility: 2: I was able to begin my journal about my progress with tranquility today. However, I was disappointed to find that it was hard for me to come up with outside factors that I was willing to make peace with. 
(Picture: Tranquility Journal)
  • Silence: 1: My day today was very busy and I was unable to find time to sit in silence by myself. I went from school to an eye appointment, to workout, to ACT tutoring, and then home to study and shower. By the time all of my other tasks were completed, I was too tired to try and find silence, besides the time for me to sleep.
  • Moderation: 4: Despite my busy day, I actually was able to moderate the enjoyment of other activities to my typical day of school and sports. Before my eye appointment, I was able to meet my mom and younger sister to go and get a juice and chat. After the appointment, I stopped with my sister for ice cream. In between my workout and ACT tutoring, I was able to enjoy a meal with most of my family, which is somewhat rare as we are all very busy. Lastly, I was able to catch the end of a facetime call with my older sister, who is at college. I felt very successful in my practice of moderation today. Although it was a bit unconventional and sporadic, I found time to enjoy with my family.
  • Patience: 2: I was very tired today, and almost immediately found that after arriving at school, my patience was already wearing thin. Someone, who I am not necessarily fond of, made a comment today and I did reply in a slightly unkind way. I also was rushing to leave a class that I did not enjoy. I felt like I was doing the best I could, but I need to take time to think over my responses more.
  • Contentment: 3: I started my journaling about the things in my life that I am content with. I was able to come up with some meaningful ideas, however I often found myself thinking more about the things that I do not feel content with in my life. Journaling felt like a good start, but I need to improve my mindset. 
(Picture: Contentment Journal)

Day 1

I would say today was a good day. I worked really hard on my health virtue, and I even went to a workout class before school. I was mostly focused on that virtue, but when a situation came about, I was really working hard on temperance. I had a math test that I needed to make up, but I was so stressed and I felt like I knew nothing, when I was asking for help I broke down and cried. I went to the bathroom and realized that this was nothing to get worked up about, knowing there were so many other problems or things that are ten times worse than what I was going through. After calming down, I got more help and took my test. I did really well on it, and I really think it was because I calmed myself down when I got to a situation that was not good.